The Best Running Hats of 2023

Whether pounding the pavement or hitting the trail, we’ve found the best running hats for every use and budget.

Along with well-fitted shoes and a comfortable pair of shorts, a dependable running hat rounds out the go-to kit of many passionate runners. The best running hats should wick moisture, keep sweat out of your eyes, and protect against wind, sun, and rain.

In 2023, running hats no longer resemble the heavy cotton baseball caps of the past. Instead, running hats are breathable, lightweight, stylish, and impressively unobtrusive. From quick jaunts to grueling ultras, the proper hat can immediately fit into your kit and add plenty of benefits during runs.

Check out our full list of the best running hats of the year or jump ahead to the category you’re most interested in. At the end of our list, be sure to check out our comprehensive buyer’s guide for advice on how to choose the best running hat.

Also, check out our comparison chart to see how our choices stack up against one another and our FAQs for understanding all you need to know about running hats.

The Best Running Hats of 2023

Best Overall Running Hat: Headsweats Performance Race Hat

Headsweats Performance Race Hat

From its ponytail portal to its reflective brim lining, the Performance Race Hat ($20) from Headsweats has been thoroughly engineered to meet the needs of competitive and recreational runners alike.

This hat is ideal for everyday use thanks to its elegant design. With minimal weight and maximum comfort in mind, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing a hat at all.

A moisture-wicking sweatband lines the entire hat, and the polyester fabric shell keeps light moisture out and breathes easily. The adjustable strap fits heads of various sizes, even ones covered in lots of thick or curly hair.

For those without hair, you may not get the sun protection you need from this model.

The Headsweats Performance Race Hat features all the traits that represent a solid modern running hat. At $20, it’s also an excellent value, earning it a spot as the best running hat on our list.

  • Materials: Headsweats’ Eventure Woven fabric
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 25+
  • Adjustable strap and ponytail portal accommodate lots of head sizes and hair types
  • Reflective brim for safety and visibility
  • Weighs less than 2 oz.
  • Moisture-wicking liner keeps sweat away
  • Good value
  • For follicly unprotected (well, bald) runners, the thin shell may not provide adequate sun protection on its own

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Best Budget Running Hat: GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Hat

gadiemkensd outdoor hat

This hat is ideal for runners who travel frequently. A clever folding design allows the whole hat to easily fit in a small suitcase or pants pocket without damaging the brim. Like other quality hats on this list, the GADIEMKENSD ($15) comes with thoughtful features such as a reflective brim and a UPF rating of 50+ to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

This affordable hat is made for running in all kinds of weather. A water-repellent treatment keeps raindrops from absorbing into the fabric. And if it does manage to get wet, this hat’s quick-drying polyester fabric won’t stay damp for long. Breathable mesh strips complete the design for maximum ventilation.

As might be expected for a budget option, this won’t be the most durable hat on our list.

True to size, the elastic inner band will stretch to accommodate all but the largest heads. This hat may not wick sweat as well as other options on the list, but for $14, it’s a good feature-packed budget option that holds its own with the best running hats we tested.

  • Materials: 100% nylon
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Sun protection
  • Water-resistant treatment pools droplets and doesn’t absorb moisture
  • Reflective brim and edges are good for night running
  • Convenient folding system for easy transport
  • Not the most durable

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Runner-Up Best Running Hat: Sunday Afternoons Aerial Cap

sunday afternoons aerial cap

Ultralightweight fabrics and hardy construction combine to make the Aerial Cap ($30) from Sunday Afternoons a top pick. A classic minimalist design features breathable polyester with strategic strips of mesh sewn into the hat’s crown for additional ventilation.

Like many other running hat models, the Aerial Cap comes in only one size. A secure and highly adjustable fastening system in the back fits heads between 21.6 and 24 inches in circumference. The Aerial Cap is known for its substantial sun protection and is rated to 50+ UPF.

At $30, this hat is more expensive than other options (and we worry about the durability and wear of the adjustable strap), but a potent combination of ventilation, wicking, and sun protection makes it a good value anyway. We highly recommend the Sunday Afternoons Aerial Cap, especially for runners who love long outings in sunny climates.

  • Materials: Polyester and mesh
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Moisture-wicking
  • Good sun protection
  • Fits lots of different head sizes and shapes
  • Quick-drying
  • Lightweight
  • Clean-looking design
  • Integrated mesh for effective ventilation
  • More expensive than other options
  • Adjustable band can start to wear after heavy use

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Best Running Hat for Extra-Hot Weather: Nathan RunCool

nathan runcool hat

This is the hat for running on the hottest of days. For runners based in consistently toasty regions of the world, the Nathan RunCool ($25) is specifically designed to beat the heat, stay comfortable, and maintain your running schedule despite the blazing sun.

Most notably, the RunCool has a built-in stash pocket for ice. This unique pocket can be filled before your run begins or at aid stations along the way.

As you run, the cooling ice melts and helps prevent overheating. For runners who aren’t used to extreme heat but suddenly find themselves signed up for a hot-weather race, this hat is an invaluable piece of gear.

Along the entire inside lining of the RunCool is a soft mesh-wicking sweatband that keeps sweat out of your eyes and allows you to stay focused on the path or trail ahead. The outer material is lightweight and includes two dry tech polyester mesh panels to offer ventilation.

One size fits most, thanks to an adjustable single strap. In addition to ice, pockets on either side can be used as cargo space for credit cards, keys, and energy gels. Note the extra material adds a smidgen of weight, but we think that’s worth the usability.

Compared to other hats on this list, the Nathan RunCool is thoughtfully designed and packs a notable number of features into a single lightweight running hat. For $25, it’s a stylish and practical choice for warm-weather runners. If you’re a midday runner who likes to sweat, this might be the best running hat for you.

  • Materials: 90% polyester, 10% spandex
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Stylish bi-color design
  • Dual pockets carry small essentials or ice on hot days
  • Interior sweat-wicking sweatband keeps sweat out of eyes
  • Dark underside of bill reduces glare
  • One size fits most
  • Sun protection
  • Pockets add a little weight due to extra fabric

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Best Reflective Running Hat: Headsweats Hi Vis Yellow Reflective Race Hat

three headsweats reflective hats in red, yellow, and orange with reflective brim

Headsweats Reflective Race Hats ($25) are made with a lightweight knit fabric that Headsweats designed to dry three to four times faster than cotton. It also has a terry cloth sweatband on the interior for comfort, and a black undervisor to reduce glare. We also like that the hat’s fit is easily adjustable, and it works well for those with or without ponytails.

While a breathable, lightweight, comfortable fabric is one perk, the best part of this hat is its reflective trim for visibility that wraps around the entire brim. This hat will provide plenty of visibility — and you won’t have to worry about being seen from the front or behind.

This hat does fit a bit larger than the average running hat and keep in mind that while you’ll be seen, there’s no sun protection built in.

And if you aren’t a fan of “hi-vis yellow,” this reflective cap comes in 11 other colors.

  • Materials: Headsweats’ Eventure reflective fabric
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Simple design
  • High visibility
  • Lots of color choices
  • Comfortable with a ponytail
  • Dark underside of bill reduces glare
  • No UPF sun protection
  • One size fits most, but runs slightly large

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Most Breathable Running Hat: KAVU Trail Runner

KAVU Trail Runner hat

This running hat from KAVU has 360-degree mesh panels to let that sweet, sweet breeze keep you cool. “Trail Runner” ($35) is a fitting name for this cap — it’s ideal for long runs on burly trails in the summer sun.

Like many running hats, the Trail Runner has a five-panel profile and a slightly curved bill. What sets it apart is the combination of unbeatable breathability and durable materials. The stitching is reinforced and an extra layer of heat-laminated fabric on the bill adds structure.

On the underside of the bill, a layer of dark fabric reduces glare, and KAVU’s signature Coolmax sweatband prevents perspiration from seeping into the wearer’s eyes.

With such a premium on mesh and openings, the KAVU option doesn’t include UPF sun protection. Still, if your dome is prone to overheating on the trail, this is the best running hat to buy.

  • Materials: Nylon and polyester
  • Sizing: Medium and large
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Very breathable
  • Durable
  • Integrated sweatband
  • Dark underside of bill reduces glare
  • Lacks UPF sun protection rating

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Most Packable Running Hat: Topo Designs Global Hat

Topo Designs Global Hat

​​Fit, packability, and lightweight breathability set the standard for the Topo Designs Global Hat ($34). Designed for a mix of activities including running, the hat’s domination of mesh across much of the five-panel construction is geared toward breathability.

This hat is ideal for multiple conditions with the water-repellent stretch nylon and open mesh. The internal band does a quality job of wicking sweat away from the eyes, and the mesh keeps your head cool.

The pliable bill — with a good length for sun shading — can mold into varying shapes and even stays flipped up during a run. On the back, the brand’s “signature adjustable webbing buckle” closure is easy to maneuver and helps make this one of the best-fitting and comfortable running hats available.

The combination of the materials and design allows for the Topo Designs Global Hat to easily pack away tightly (the bill returns to shape), and a small bungee loop on the back gives you the option to clip it to a pack.

One downside is the lack of a UPF rating for the fabric and mesh design across the top of the head, opening you up to some sun exposure.

One of the more comfortable and best-fitting hats with a truly packable design, the Topo Designs Global Hat may well fit the name and be great for a mix of adventures and running destinations the world over.

  • Materials: 60% polyester, 40% nylon with two-way stretch nylon with a water-repellent finish
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Highly breathable
  • Super lightweight
  • Easily packable
  • Comfortable with sweat-wicking band
  • Water repellent
  • Limited sun protection for the head
  • No UPF rating

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Best of the Rest

Brooks Propel Mesh

brooks propel mesh hat

The Brooks Propel Mesh ($36) is highly breathable, thanks to its standout lightweight mesh outer material. On sunny runs, this hat offers a cooling effect and thorough coverage, shading you from UV rays without trapping heat.

Designed to be durable and packable, this hat won’t fall apart or deform when thrown into a pack or suitcase. Made from 84% polyester and 16% spandex, it can stretch to accommodate various head sizes or hair types. A sweat-wicking internal headband keeps perspiration from running into your eyes.

At $49, this is one of the more expensive hats on our list. However, for those looking for lots of ventilation, the Brooks Propel Mesh is a high-quality product — one of the best running hats available.

  • Materials: 84% polyester, 16% spandex mesh
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Lots of mesh for excellent breathability
  • Packable design
  • Sewn-in, sweat-wicking headband
  • Stretchy
  • Sun protection
  • Expensive

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REI Co-op Swiftland Running Cap

REI Co-op Swiftland Running Cap

With a simple and elegant design, the REI Co-op Swiftland Running Cap ($27) is both a running hat and a stylish piece with everyday appeal. Although it doesn’t appear to be a technical hat on the outside, a closer look reveals a host of useful running hat features.

While trail running, this hat’s side vents and internal sweatband keep your head cool and sweat in check. The quick-drying, moisture-wicking fabric stays cool even when the sun is beating down. Laser-cut vent holes add additional cooling, and a flexible brim can easily adjust for a custom fit.

A unique bungee closure adjusts to fit the heads of most sizes, even if it requires regular retightening, and helps cut down on overall weight. For $27, this nice-looking option from REI is sure to satisfy.

  • Materials: 88% nylon, 12% spandex with polyester and spandex liner
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 30
  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Laser-cut vents keep head cool
  • Sun protection
  • Internal sweatband keeps sweat out of eyes
  • Light
  • Minimal color selection
  • Bungee closure doesn’t hold the tension for very long

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Outdoor Research Swift Cap

outdoor research swift cap

Often compared to a Nike running hat, the Outdoor Research Swift Cap ($28) is a water-resistant and stylish hat great for running, golfing, or simply hanging out in the fresh air. Packable and lightweight, this hat takes up very little space in your luggage and is sure to come in handy when you get to wherever you’re going.

With a nylon top panel and mesh sides, this hat is a little warmer than others on the list, but the mesh does offer some cooling breathability. A curved bill offers protection from the sun at all hours of the day.

At $28, the Outdoor Research Swift Cap isn’t strictly a running hat. It’s a do-it-all cap for any and all outdoor adventures.

  • Materials: 100% nylon
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Lots of color options
  • Large mesh cooling vents along sides of hat
  • Durable materials and construction
  • Not designed specifically for running
  • A little less breathable than other options

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Brooks Chaser Hat

Brooks Chaser Hat

Helping you minimize distraction while running, the Brooks Chaser Hat ($30) keeps sweat out of your eyes and the sun off your skin. The breathability and soft texture combine to provide an ideal synthesis of comfort and performance.

Reflective accents on this hat make you more visible to others while running in the dark, which is an especially valuable feature for urban runners. For custom fit and convenience, an adjustable back can be loosened or tightened in seconds.

For $22, this sleek hat offers plenty of features to runners without drawing attention. It made our list of the best running hats for a reason.

  • Materials: 89% polyester, 11% spandex
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 30
  • Classic design is understated yet stylish
  • UPF 30 fabric for UV protection
  • Reflective detailing improves visibility in low light
  • Adjustable back for a custom fit
  • More expensive than other similar options

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Arc’teryx Calvus

Arc’teryx Calvus

The Arc’teryx Calvus Cap ($35) is intentionally designed to protect against all kinds of weather while you’re running. It’s primarily made of stretchy, breathable fabric that helps prevent overheating on long, strenuous runs.

As a bonus, the fabric is treated with a weather-resistant coating to give you extra protection on wet and rainy days. Mesh side panels boost the quick-drying capabilities of the Calvus, resulting in a hat that delivers lots of active-focused comfort.

A sweatband liner is woven into the hat’s material, which is impressive given the entire product weighs just 1.8 ounces. It’s a bit pricey at $35, but it fully lives up to the kind of quality we expect from Arc’teryx.

  • Materials: 100% polyester
  • Sizing: Small and large
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Super lightweight at 1.8 oz.
  • Integrated sweatband liner
  • Stretchy and breathable
  • Treated with DWR for water resistance
  • Simple strapback adjustment
  • Expensive compared to other options

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Ciele GOCap Athletics

ciele gocap athletics

This practical and stylish hat from Ciele was thoughtfully designed for runners. From its pliable brim to its fast-drying performance, the GOCap ($40) does everything a purpose-built running hat should do.

The GOCap hat holds up to frequent active use. It can be easily stuffed into a pack without losing shape or integrity. When it’s dirty or covered in sweat, you can throw it in the washer without a second thought. The brim, front, and back panels all come with UPF 40+ sun protection, and the COOLwick fabric helps prevent sweating and overheating.

On early morning or evening runs, reflective detailing on the front and back of the GOCap improves visibility. Though it only comes in one size, it’s highly adjustable and will fit most runners. In the Slater color option, this hat is also stylish enough to spice up your leisure wear for a casual summer outing.

  • Materials: COOLwick, Repreve
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 40+
  • Lightweight
  • Sweat-wicking liner
  • Pliable and easy to pack
  • Sun protection
  • Only comes in one size

Check Price at Backcountry

Norrøna Five Panel Tech Cap

norrøna Five Panel Tech Cap

The Scandinavian brand Norrøna built one of our tester’s favorite running hats yet with the Five Panel Tech Cap ($45). Runners will barely feel this cap at just 40 g, but the featherweight headpiece does everything you need.

First, it’ll keep the sun and rain out of your eyes. It does this with a right-size bill, just big enough to block the elements but not so big as to catch the wind like a sail. In testing, we used it running, hiking, and mountaineering in the Rocky Mountains. We also wore it a lot while driving a Mustang convertible this summer and were pleased that it never flew off in any of these circumstances — even in high winds.

The hat has a great buckle system that easily adjusts circumference. The strap is plenty beefy for the job but not overkill.

This hat in L/XL fit our tester’s fairly big head very well. He found it super comfortable through more than 100 days of wear so far. The only notable wear is a sweat stain on the forehead.

Last but not least, Norrøna stands apart from the market thanks to the sustainable materials used in this hat. It uses 100% recycled nylon in the 45-denier primary fabric. It also uses a PFC-free DWR to add water repellency.

Tack on a nice sweatband in the interior, and you’ve got a winner of a hat for everything outdoors. Use it anywhere from ultramarathons to boating, and you’ll enjoy shaded vision that won’t blow away.

  • Materials: pureRecycled Polyester
  • Sizing: S/M and L/XL
  • UPF Rating: N/A
  • Light
  • Understated looks blend in anywhere
  • Water-resistant
  • Stays on head when windy well
  • Not very breathable
  • Brim will stain with sweat over time

Check Price at Norrona

Path Projects Muir Cap

path projects muir cap

The Muir Cap ($30) checks all the boxes a good running hat should. It’s lightweight, well-made, and supremely breathable.

Though there are many features that we like about this hat, the unique ventilation holes are a standout. On the top and side panels of the Muir Cap are a whopping 94 2mm holes that allow the hat to breathe and keep your head cool.

Aesthetically, this is a classic five-panel cap, although some users weren’t sold on the final fit. Functionally, it is a piece of well-designed and affordable activewear. The crushable visor, reflective front logo, and moisture-wicking sweatband all add up to an excellent addition to any running kit. Given the quality, it’s fairly priced at $30.

  • Materials: 92% poly, 8% PU fabric
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 50+
  • Highly breathable
  • Good value
  • Some users found the only size to be too large or small

Check Price at Path Projects

rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat

rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat

With a mix of look-at-me colorways, the $36 rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat will keep you noticed on any trail. Designed for the hottest days, rnnr’s “moisture-managing” SPDWick polytech fabric is meant to move sweat from your face, and SPF 40 built into the fabric helps to protect you from the sun. It also features the addition of large mesh paneling on the sides to help up the breathability quotient of the hat.

This classic five-panel running design uses its sturdy fabric for pliable comfort, combined with the side-panel mesh to allow for breathability on long runs without exposing your head to direct sunlight.

The soft and flexible brim shapes as you choose with the ability to go back to its original positioning when wanted. On the back, the plastic snap adjustment isn’t easily used on the go but holds the fit in place on a run. The interior band does an adequate job of wicking sweat.

The 58 cm size of the rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat doesn’t make it a great fit for those with smaller heads and can even be a bit of a baggy fit on a medium head. The bill is billed as versatile to match your style — easy to curve, flip, or leave flat — and while maneuverable, it’s short enough that it doesn’t stay flipped up well and doesn’t cover as much of your face from the sun as some other options.

The rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat fits a runner with a large head looking for lightweight breathability with comfortable fabrics.

  • Materials: SPDWick fabric
  • Sizing: One size fits most
  • UPF Rating: 40
  • A mix of distinct designs
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable fabric pairs well with mesh
  • Pliable bill
  • Durable
  • Sweat-wicking band
  • Fits large
  • Bill isn’t as versatile as claimed
  • Expensive

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Running Hat Comparison Chart

Running HatPriceMaterialsSizingUPF Rating
Headsweats Performance Race Hat$20Headsweats’ Eventure Woven fabricOne size fits most25+
Sunday Afternoons Aerial Cap$30Polyester and meshOne size fits most50+
GADIEMKENSD Outdoor Hat$15100% nylonOne size fits most50+
Nathan RunCool$2590% polyester, 10% spandexOne size fits most50+
Headsweats Hi Vis Yellow Reflective Race Hat$35Headsweats’ Eventure reflective fabricOne size fits mostN/A
KAVU Trail Runner$35Nylon and polyesterMedium and largeN/A
Topo Designs Global Hat$3460% polyester, 40% nylonOne size fits mostN/A
Brooks Propel Mesh Hat$3684% polyester, 16% spandex meshOne size fits most50+
REI Co-op Swiftland Running Cap$2788% nylon, 12% spandexOne size fits most30
Outdoor Research Swift Cap$28100% nylonOne size fits mostN/A
Brooks Chaser Hat$3089% polyester, 11% spandexOne size fits most30
Arc’teryx Calvus$35100% polyesterSmall and largeN/A
Ciele GOCap Athletics$40COOLwick, RepreveOne size fits most40+
Norrøna Five Panel Tech Cap$45pureRecycled PolyesterS/M and L/XLN/A
Path Projects Muir Cap$3092% poly, 8% PU fabricOne size fits most50+
rnnr Lightweight Distance Hat$36SPDWick fabricOne size fits most40

Why You Should Trust Us

The GearJunkie team is stacked with runners. From weekend hobbyists to ultramarathon podium threats, we’re diehard runners, through and through.

Like most runners, we use running hats for sweat-wicking and sun protection. Over the years, we’ve tested dozens of running hats in all sorts of conditions.

A good running hat should be durable, comfortable, breathable, and effective against the sun’s harsh rays. The recommendations on this list are the results of our careful observation and first-hand experience. We’re confident these are the best running hats on the market.

As new running hats become available, we’ll be sure to try them out in consideration for this list.

Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose a Running Hat

A running hat is a handy tool that offers several functions as a part of your running kit. A well-made cap can provide sun protection, warmth, visibility, moisture-wicking, and water resistance. When shopping for the best hat for you, some key considerations to keep in mind include ventilation, comfort, adjustability, moisture transfer, and reflectivity.

This mix of features makes a running hat different from a ball cap. The materials used may keep it lightweight, flexible, and sweat-wicking. Liners can help keep sweat or rain from dripping down your face and depending on your selection, you may find water-resistant materials to keep you dry. Running hats tend to fit snugly for distraction-free aerodynamic movement.

After considering these features and determining your present and future needs as a runner, look over this list to find the option that best meets your criteria. We recommend every hat on the list, but some will suit certain runners better than others.

Ventilation & Breathability

Even when it isn’t especially warm out, runners tend to get hot and sweat. In the hot sun, this reality becomes all the more challenging, and it becomes especially important to utilize gear with plenty of ventilation.

Choose a hat with lightweight fabric such as mesh or thin polyester, especially if you spend a lot of time running in warm conditions. Choosing a light color may also help keep your head cool during your run. Some hats, like the Nathan RunCool, are specifically designed for hot weather running. Add in that some hats will include UV protection, which can help provide an extra layer of protection.

Comfort & Fit

It’s helpful to have a good sense of the size of your own head when purchasing a hat. Once you know your head size, compare it to the dimensions of the hats you’re considering. Next, look for a hat with superior adjustability. Brooks hats, for instance, are known to accommodate larger heads.

Weight also affects a hat’s comfort. Arc’teryx products are notoriously well-designed and light. Its Calvus hat is featured on our list.

It’s imperative to have a well-fitting running hat so your gear remains distraction-free, such as the Topo Designs option. A snug, comfortable fit will ensure you’re not worried about adjustments while on the road or the trail.

Moisture Transfer

Moisture transfer reflects a hat’s ability to quickly dry after becoming saturated with sweat or other moisture. Many hats on our list include sweat-wicking internal liners that pull sweat away from your skin and eyes.

Hats made from mesh and thin polyester tend to dry quickly. Wool, with its natural sweat-wicking properties, is sometimes used in a liner, but too much wool can be cumbersome. When shopping for a running hat, avoid materials like cotton.

The sweat-wicking properties help during warm runs but can also provide benefits in the cold weather. Moving sweat away from your head can keep sweat from drying, which can make you feel even colder.

Adjustability Options

Changing the sizing of your hat is one thing but changing it mid-run is vital. When selecting a running hat, be aware of the adjustability options and what might work best for you. The main adjustability options include plastic snaps, Velcro, a slide adjuster, or a bungee pull. Each has its own benefits.

Keep in mind that the plastic snaps and slide adjusters may be difficult to switch on the fly but often remain in place throughout runs, whereas the Velcro and bungee pull may provide an easier on-the-move selection, even if they could loosen during a run.


The flexibility of your running hat is about more than fit and comfort. Sometimes you’ll want to strip off the hat and store it in a pocket or jam it into a travel pouch. Selecting a flexible hat gives you more options for storage, whether on a run or on the way to your favorite route. The GADIEMKENSD offering brings its own unique blend of folding to the running hat space.


A high-visibility running cap reflects light and helps others see you when running in low-light conditions. Good reflectivity increases your safety while running, especially in high-traffic areas. Reflectivity isn’t just beneficial in low-light evening scenarios, but also crucial in low-light morning runs, a common time for runners to hit urban streets.

Price & Durability

Running hats range in price from $10 to about $40. Depending on your budget, you’ll want to purchase the highest quality and most durable hat that you can. Durability comes from the quality of the materials used in the hat.

Some hats on this list are well-known for their high-end durability. If affordability is your biggest concern, the GADIEMKENSD Running Hat is just $14 and still offers lots of features.


Do Running Hats Make You Hot While Running?

The best running hats (like the ones featured on this list) are meant to be worn during strenuous exercise and in warm, sunny conditions. Because of their strategic polyester and mesh construction, these hats are designed to breathe and remain well-ventilated throughout your run.

Some cooling hats for men and women, like the Nathan RunCool, even come with integrated pockets to store ice during your run. While these hats are designed to stay cool, you may want to choose a light-colored hat if you’re concerned about heat.

Which Is Better, a Visor or a Running Hat?

Choosing a visor versus a running hat comes down to your needs and preferences as a runner. A visor will not protect the top of your head from harmful UV rays, nor will it protect your head from rain or snow.

Because a visor is fully open on the top, it’s a good option in warm weather for those who aren’t concerned about UV exposure on the top of their head.

How Do I Make My Hat Fit Perfectly?

Measure your head before your purchase to make sure the hat you’re interested in will fit. Once you’ve purchased the hat, use the closure system to customize your fit.

While running, you want a nice snug fit that’s also comfortable. In windy conditions, it’s wise to tighten the hat to prevent it from flying off your head.

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