‘Race To Survive: Alaska’ Boasts Toughest Adventure Race for $500K

Promo photograph for "Race To Survive," with text showcasing when the show premieres

Surviving Alaska’s weather, wildlife, and wilderness is tough. Really, really tough. Just ask Jack London or any of the others who answered The Last Frontier’s siren song over the years, only to find dreams of northern romance dashed by brutal Alaskan reality.

A TV show premiering this April hopes to play on that brutality, pitting eight teams of two against the elements — and each other — as they race through Alaska in pursuit of a cool $500,000. Race To Survive comprises six races spread out over 6 weeks. In each race, the teams will traverse some of Alaska’s wildest terrain, sourcing their food and water along the way.

The last team to finish each race is eliminated. The rest go on to the next challenge. In the end, only one team will remain standing.

‘Race To Survive’ Adventure Race

A peak at the trailer reveals the hurdles in store: exposed ridges, glacial traverses, apex predators, tumbling whitewater, claustrophobic understory, gastrointestinal distress, and, of course, all the mental challenges that come with moving fast and hard over gnarly terrain. And it seems like there might also be some social elements to the contest.

“Tested like never before, participants will endure physical pain while forging alliances and backstabbing their way to claim a spot in the finale and the chance to win the $500,000 if they can survive the hostile land … and each other,” reads a press release for the show.

Shades of Survivor, anyone?

As for the teams, they seem to have legitimate backcountry chops. The father-son duo, Jeff and Hunter Leininger, are experienced adventure racers, while Inupiaq brothers Wilson and Oliver Hoogendorn bring youthful energy and a lifetime of Alaskan experience to the table (they climbed Denali in 13 days and then skied down it). Other contestants are doctors, pilots, mountaineers, climbers, long-distance backpackers, wilderness first responders, and military veterans.

It looks to be a stacked field, and it should be interesting to see which team drops first and which duos make it to the final stages. With half a mil on the line, it’s anyone’s guess.

How to Watch

Race To Survive: Alaska premieres April 3 at 11 p.m. ET on USA Network.

New episodes will air every Monday at the same time.

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