6-Month Puppy Test: HEST Packable Dog Bed Won’t Back Down

While my dog does love when we go camping, he’s most active with me on day-to-day adventures. And as most pet owners can attest, it’s always fantastic when your dog is happy joining you at a friend’s, the park, camping, or on vacation.

Of course, a new environment can at first make some dogs nervous — other dogs, cats, smells, the type or layout of a new house — maybe your vacation rental has a different color carpet, steep stairs, or a weird smell. Maybe your dog has never been camping, or away from home.

The point is that a travel-friendly dog bed is a great solution. You can (and should) use it at home, at the office, and anywhere else you travel. Soon, this bed will become a beacon of familiarity and comfort, and lessen any travel anxiety your pup may have. And if your pup is fearless, at the very least it will be a comfy place to perch.

In short: Not just for camping, this HEST travel bed has been an amazingly functional addition to my gear pile. It’s great for travel, indoor and outdoor use, days at school or the office, and much more. And yes, it’s great for camp trips too. After using it as much as I have, the HEST Dog Bed has proven highly durable and easy to clean. Maybe most crucially, it packs down to a great size.

HEST Dog Bed


  • Materials
    3" temperature-resilient memory foam, waterproof bottom exterior, waterproof liner
  • Sizes available
    S, M, L (recommended for dogs ~0-70 lbs.)
  • Dimensions
    26" x 18" (small), 36" x 24" (medium), 44" x 30" (large)
  • Verified weight
    4.33 lbs. (size medium)
  • Removable/washable cover


  • Packable and portable

  • Comfortable thickness of foam

  • Puppy-proof and durable

  • Variety of sizes


  • Great waterproofing, but harder to clean dirt and stains

  • Higher price point compared to standard dog beds

HEST Dog Bed Review: 6-Month Puppy Test

Puppy-Proof, Travel-Friendly

Last year, I took on a side job — training a then-10-week-old black lab puppy to be a future service dog. Because Junior (my fearless dog bed tester) is a service dog in training, he literally accompanies me everywhere I go — places like the office, but also restaurants, doctor appointments, libraries, malls, the gym, public speaker events, the DMV, etc.

So admittedly, he does more travel than the average dog. Safe to say, this bed has gotten a crazy amount of use in a fairly short time span.

That said, I know there are plenty of dog owners whose dogs frequently go with them, maybe to a co-working space, office, friends’ or family’s homes, or other dog-friendly establishments. And of course, to loads of other fun places like parks, backyards, campsites, and more. I would venture a guess — after all my travel with this bed and my dog in tow — that the uses are endless.

With this dog bed design, HEST nailed it. It’s something I can easily carry around, stow in my car, quickly set up, and of course, clean. It’s a huge upgrade from my two prior travel “beds” for Junior. Previously, I would use a beach towel (large, not as much cushion or support, annoying to carry around) or a camp blanket (not as durable, more work to pack up).

Constant travel for me over the past 6+ months meant the HEST was always stashed in my car; (photo/Mary Murphy)

HEST Bed Components & Design

This isn’t just a dog bed you can roll up, squish down, and take with you. Every component is well-built to be able to handle everything from daily use and light wear and tear to dirt, mud, and rain.

The HEST dog bed has a couple of major components: the waterproof exterior bottom, the memory foam interior, and the waterproof liner. The cover (top and bottom) is removable via a zipper and is washable.

I love the waterproofing on the bottom (put to the test while camping in a rain and hail storm this spring), and the general water repellency on the rest of the fabric. For dirt and mud, the bed offers a bit less protection. However, it’s still super easy to remove and wash the cover!

The other parts of the bed design — compression straps and buckles — aim to capitalize on packability and ease of travel.

The straps on the HEST bed allow you to roll and pack it in seconds; (photo/Will Brendza)

Funnily enough, HEST even boasts it’s “our most portable mattress design to date.” Yes, that means even more packable than the human HEST mattresses.

Traveling or camping with my dog will always require an extra pile of gear, so I appreciate that his sleep system is as small and packable as possible.

Still Going Strong

Testing out the HEST travel bed inside a glamping dome; (photo/Mary Murphy)

Junior has used this bed in a ton of places. He’s been camping in my tent, glamping in a tent dome, lazing in the office, and anywhere else he needs to sit and cozy up for a spell in our day-to-day travels.

Even though it’s not a typical dog bed look — with sides, back, and bolsters — the memory foam provides plenty of support. My energetic, growing pup has no trouble falling asleep on this bed. It travels well and HEST offers three sizes to accommodate most dogs.

Plus, it’s proven it can take a beating. Rain, dirt, dog hair, and more — Junior definitely put it to the test. For the first few months that I used this bed, I didn’t wash the cover. It’s water-resistant, and it’s easy to spot clean and brush down. (And easy to lint-roll when the dog hair builds up!)

I found it was not collecting much water, mud, or dirt thanks to the exterior bottom and repellent cover, so, I didn’t feel the need to run it through a machine wash. A wipe or brush down was just as good, and faster.

When I did get around to washing it (now three to four times since it’s been in my possession), I found the cover is just as durable in the wash as it is in use. Cleaning is a breeze.


The medium-size bed had worked perfectly for my growing puppy (40-lb. dog for size); (photo/Mary Murphy)

Overall, my dog loves his HEST bed. But arguably, I love it more. It saves me a ton of hassle in my day-to-day life from home, the office, or wherever else I’m going. It’s packable, but not thin or flimsy — this is a cush, foamy bed that so far all dogs who’ve “tested it” have loved.

I’ve subjected it to scratchers, shedders, chewers, droolers, energetic puppies, hardcore sleepers, you name it. It’s a hit every time. I honestly can’t fault this dog bed thus far.

Finally, I can’t leave without addressing price. The HEST bed (smallest size) is under 150 bucks, and the medium is under $200. Meaning, it’s more expensive than a dog bed from Walmart, though it’s considerably less money than a dog bed from Orvis (not to mention it’s more packable).

The HEST line is on par with several beds from Ruffwear, if that is something in your price range. We did find a rollup travel bed from Coleman online for $30 … which has a similar carry strap design, but it’s got much less fill, padding, and support, and is a smaller size. And of course, we can’t speak to its durability.

For myself and others on staff — big dog people — the HEST has been a super-impressive, durable, packable success.

If you are someone who’s always on the go (with your dog), like someone who switches between home and office, second homes/RVs, campsites, or various seasonal basecamps, the Hest Dog Bed is a great investment that will pay off pretty quickly … and last in the long run.

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